In our newest Strong Women Blog - we catch up with Joy Yamamoto to learn what inspires her, how she defines strength and her goals for the future.

Tell us about yourself - what makes you who you are?

My name is Joy. What brings me joy is seeing others especially women progress and thrive with their relationship with food and fitness. A lot of women start off with healthy intentions to eat healthier and exercise, but fall into traps of self deprivation, shame, and judgment when they don’t meet their expectations. 

I’m also a busy and devoted Mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Besides the roles and responsibilities, I live   by three main principles: 

To have integrity in everything I do,

When I give my best, I become by my best, and an unwavering faith in myself. 

What does the phrase Strong Women Empower Women mean to you?

It means to have a conviction and courage to share your empowering message. 

It means doing the inconvenient and impactful choice by listening and encouraging someone when you’re running late. 

It means to choose compassion instead of judgement. 

It means to continue to show up and lead by example that being strong is possible. 

You have a passion for fitness - what's your go to workout?

Yes! I LOVE being active! My go to workout is lifting weights. I thrive off of the physical and mindset challenge. 

What other women inspire you?

Again, I have so many! One of the women, Krissy Mae Cagney @Krissymaecagney she’s openly talked about her alcohol struggles and how she’s overcome them as well as being a business owner to 6 successful businesses! 

What's been the hardest moment in your life that required you to be strong? 

This is tough. I have so many moments I’ve been strong. The one that comes to mind is when I made a firm decision that I’ll no longer binge eat and say hurtful words to myself. Prior, I was secretly binge eating for at least 5 years. Once I made that commitment, I was finally learning to be strong instead of running away from my problems. I was learning to have love and respect for myself instead of being critical and judgmental. I was learning that being strong meant I had the power to choose what my best version would feel and be like. Overtime, I became that person. I love how being strong never fails and disappoints you. 

What's your favorite motivational quote?

I have so many! I like to create personal ones tailored for me. One that I often say to myself is, “I saw myself in the future. I saw that I earned that victory. And, now I need to show up and give it my best. Greatness is my destiny. There is no other option.” 

When you’re strong, you can become accustomed to “fighting the battle” and feel worn down by being strong. What I’ve learned is to remind myself that greatness is within me. I am an overcomer. I have all this untapped power within me to win in life. 


Finish the sentence. Strong Women are great because....


We push the possibilities and boundaries of how strength can only elevate you. 

We give women the permission and example that they can overcome anything.