Francine Johnston does it all. From fitness to family to running miles and knocking out dauthlons. She's committed to strength and being her best self each day. She's an inspiration - follow her on Instagram @Flash_Fran_Fitness and read below to learn more.
What does #StrongWomenEmpowerWomen mean to you?  
Women who uplift, encourage, compliment, assist and fight for their beliefs not only for themselves but for others.

What's the toughest moment you've overcome in your life?  
Losing my sister unexpectedly. It gave me a new outlook on life to live every like it’s your last. 
You love fitness - what are your go to workouts? How do you stay motivated?  I love to lift!  Setting monthly goals and changing up my workouts. I like to keep fitness fun, challenging myself and varying my workouts keeps me motivated.
What other women inspire you?
My friend Laurice. @misfitmommie on Instagram. We are accountability partners and she makes sure that I stay on track and I do the same for her. She’s a mother of 4 with a granddaughter and makes no excuses when it comes to her fitness. She inspires and motivates me.  
What's your favorite motivational quote in the world?  
Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.
What's a goal you have for the next year you're committed to achieving? 
A sub 2 half marathon. It has been out of my reach for so long. I know that I can and will do it.