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Strong Women Empower Women: Megan Kistler


We recently sent an e-mail to past Chase Infinite customers and forever Chase Infinite teammates asking Strong Women to step forward and tell us how they empower women. We will be featuring many of these stories on our site and via social media. The first Strong Women / Empower Women story to share comes from Megan Kistler. Read below for Megan's story (Note: Megan is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!) and if you have a story to share - send it to chaseinfinitechris@gmail.com 

Megan Kistler

My name is Megan, I am a mother of a 2 & 3 year old and they motivate me each and every day.

When I was pregnant with my first,  Ryder, I was out on modified bed rest due to a pregnancy complication after months of worry when I was 7 months pregnant the dr said the problem had resolved and there were no more worries of the baby being born early or safety concerns during delivery for me. But at 33 weeks into my pregnancy my water broke. I went into my labor and delivery and they told me my water broke prematurely and the baby is too early to deliver so they transfered me to a hospital with a level 3 NICU and said I may have to wait until this baby is developed enough to deliver. However, after starting me on steroids to help his lungs mature; a couple days later the Dr said they were ready to start the medicines to have this baby come out. Ryder was born 2 days later at 34 weeks 2 days and he was the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. He didn't cry,  he just looked all around. I was able to hold him for just under two minutes until he was taken to the NICU. Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions I felt having my first born taken out of my arms and away from me.

My strong healthy boy was such a fighter, after only a week (of pure sadness, worry and loneliness for me) Ryder wad able to come home! He was our little Christmas miracle. He's had a few stays in the hospital but other than that is a healthy strong smart 3 year old.

When Ryder was 5 months we got pregnant with our second precious baby and she delivered on time with no complications.

It has been so rewarding raising these two.  Some days a lot harder than others and I often feel like I have twins ;)



Megan and family!

After being pregnant back to back and being on bed rest with the first, I was overweight and not feeling like my confident self. I have always been small, fit and healthy and have a small frame so the extra weight was frustrating. So, I began to run with the kids in my double stroller,  take crossfit classes and piloxing classes to get back into shape. I saw my body transforming, it will bever look the same again but I wouldn't change that because those stretch marks and changes are proof of my two beautiful babies!

When my youngest was just over a year I received my first group exercise certification in PiLoXiNg!! I am now teaching 3-5 days a week and I absolutely love it.  My students tell me I'm motivating, empowering and cannot believe I've had two kids.

I love the feeling of helping others achieve their fitness goals and physically seeing their bodies change and their attitudes lift is amazing.

My class is a combination of pilates and boxing. The women that take mt class feel empowered by the boxing portions of this class at tge same time as feeling centered by the pilates.

I am so thankful and lucky to have my piloxing family and to have my wonderful husband and kids that support me and keep me motivated!

I may not ever get a full nights sleep again,  but as long as I have the smiles of my kids in the morning, that's enough for me!


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