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Courage Conquers Fear - My Crossfit Experience


The first time I ever drove to my local crossfit box - I didn't go in. I sat in the car paralyzed by the unknown. I was a lifelong runner... I didn't lift weights, I didn't do pullups and I sure as heck didn't do handstand pushups. I didn't go in. The second time I drove to the box, the same thing happened.

The third time I drove to the box I found the courage to enter. I talked with two of the trainers about how Xfit worked and the membership details. I watched as a group of people worked through a WOD full of front squats. I signed up for a month of onboarding and decided to take the journey. Three weeks later I completed my first WOD - The Bear Complex.


Since the day I found the courage to enter the box, my courage has grown in leaps and bounds. Yes, I've learned how to do handstand pushups, climb ropes, front squat and power snatch. But, more importantly, crossfit has been an exercise in courage for me. Even during the first few months of my crossfit experience, I'd skip WODs that tested my weaknesses. No, 18 months in, all of that has passed. I show up and take on whatever WOD they box owners have programmed for me. 

I've seen my courage grow in my personal and professional life as well. So often in life, it's the things we are afraid to do that we must do. The conversations we don't want to have, the work that seems daunting - it all leads us to better and stronger places. I credit crossfit for helping me grow my courage in so many ways. It was a big driver in what motivated me to launch Chase Infinite. I previously worked in a freelance capacity for a different fitness apparel provider. Overtime, I came to believe that I was more than capable of running a company on my own - which leads to Chase Infinite. Yes, I recognize that Chase Infinite and I may fail. But, I'm not afraid.

I've heard it said that Courage is like a muscle and that if we fail to exercise it, it weakens. I believe Crossfit has strengthened my courage just the way push presses have strengthened my shoulders. Moreover, I believe as my (or anyone) increases their courage, the equally decreas their fear. Courage and fear are linked. You'll see that belief infusing several of our initial designs including WOD With Courage and Fear Is Useless

A number of things have changed in my life since that day when I sat in the parking lot wondering if I was strong enough and capable. Crossfit has helped forge me into a stronger man than the one who sat in his car that day. If I could go back, I wouldn't laugh at the former version of myself - but I'd go out, pull him from his car and demand he come in and WOD.


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