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This Year - Resolve to Empower People.


Growing up, my mother always encouraged me to write. She always wanted me to pen essays, short stories, columns for the local newspaper. She felt I had a knack for putting words together and she wanted me to explore it to its fullest. The satisfaction I'd get from hearing she enjoyed reading what I'd wrote is really what pushed me to pursue journalism, freelance writing, public relations and the foundational elements of my career. Even now with my Chase Infinite work, most of our success comes from the creative use of words - another skill I developed at the encouragement of my mother.

It was like that for all of my childhood. My mother and father always encouraged me to chase my passions. They were the kind of parents who opened doors rather than closed them. They made it possible for me to go out and live whatever life I imagined. Every good thing I do in life is an extension of the values, skills and goals they empowered me to chase. 

Now, at the dawn of a new year, all I want to do is share that empowerment. For Chase Infinite, empowering people will continue to be the core driver for everything we do. Behind every shirt or clever design we create is this ultimate goal - empower people to live the lives they imagine.

In the year and a half Chase Infinite has existed I've connected with countless people about their stories of courage and strength. People who've battled cancer, who've found the strength to leave abusive relationships, who've overcome pain and loss - people can be so strong when they need to be.

It's not always easy to find our strength though. Sometimes we feel stuck in bad situations. Other times we feel we're not good enough or deserving of the dreams we believe in. Let this note reassure you that any doubts or weakness you feel are not there to stop you - you can be stronger than you know.

More than anything, that's my resolution for 2015 - to spread empowerment. To offer high fives to people having a bad day. To design shirts that remind people to be strong. To encourage people to chase their dreams. It will be even better if those receiving the high fives and encouragement turn and spread it to others.

Please know that there is nothing you can't achieve if you believe in yourself and work hard. Whatever you want to do in 2015 - change careers, leave a relationship, find love, lose weight - you can do it. And if you ever need motivation along your journey - just ask and we'll send some your way.

Happy New Year.

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