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I have a confession to make – I miss crossfit. I miss it bad.

It has been 20 months since I discontinued my membership at my local box as I needed to save money for my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. It was the right decision at the time, but even 20 months later, I’ve yet to find myself back.

My former crossfit box changed my life as it made me for fit and flexible than I’d ever been before. I’ve carried over a number of the fitness principles I learned in the box to my workouts at the local gym. I keep myself in good shape between long runs and days of heavy lifting.

Still, there is something I’ve never been ever to emulate since leaving my box. That feeling of wonderful dread when you see a WOD posted that will attack your weaknesses. That feeling of strength you realize when you power clean a weight you only dreamed about a month ago. The rush you get when the clock is ticking down, your box members are cheering you on, your muscles are screaming for you to quit…and you just keep going.

That rush, I’ve never been able to recreate since leaving my box. I miss it. I crave it. I workout every day in search….

That rush – that feeling of weakness and determination colliding as strength finds a way to prevail – it’s what keeps people coming back to crossfit each day. It’s why athletes rip their hands bloody in pursuit of the perfect power clean. It’s why we fight through aches, pain and sweat.

Lately, I’ve missed the rush more than ever before in my 20 months. I feel it may be time to return to the box. I want to do hero wods and EMOMs and burpees until I feel like I’ll never catch my breath. With every workout that lacks “the rush,” crossfit keeps calling me back…

It’s a calling I won’t be able to fight off much longer. It’s the same calling that brings us all back day after day – it’s the invitation to get better.

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