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10 Things I've Learned From Crossfit


Before Crossfit, I never lifted weights, climbed ropes or swung kettlebells. I pretty much ran, and ran, and then ran some more. And, even though I ran all the time, I never really got anywhere I wanted to truly be with my fitness efforts. Crossfit has changed that and I'm forever grateful. Here are 10 things I've learned from Crossfit. Feel free to add to the list.

1) Every Rep Counts - Don't skip reps. Don't cheat yourself. It's okay to scale for safety and experience level. But, the moment you cut reps from your workout to look better, etc., you forfeit the awesomeness of the workout.

2) Your Body Is Heavy - Body weight exercises can leave you as exhausted, drained and fatigued as anything a barbell asks you to do. Don't downplay the power of body weight exercises. Once you realize their power, you're never not in a gym. You're never not capable of exercising. Your body is awesome - your body is also a gym.

3) Fear Is Useless - You can't be afraid to try new things and/or step outside your comfort zone. When it comes to life and crossfit - you just have to go for it.


4) All Progress Matters - As long as you are doing things to get better every day, even if you're only improving little by little. You'll get there. Focus on the progress, not the pace.

5) You Have To Fail - You can't stay in your comfort zones with weights. Learn to drop the weights. Learn to go so heavy you can't lift it. Every time you fail - you get stronger.

6) Intensity - Cardio still has an awesome place in your fitness world. But you need to up the intensity. Burpees and double unders for time do the trick.

7) The Power of the Team - Crossfit is an incredible community. We compete but only to drive one another to improve. Not to beat each other. When one of us gets stronger - we all get stronger.

8) Beleve In Yourself - The word "can't" should not be in your vocabulary. Beleve you can crush the WODs and soon you will be.

9) Attack Your Weaknesses - If you're not good at something, do it every day until it's a strength.

10) Power Cleans Are Awesome - I'd never done one before I started crossfit. Now, I want to do them every day.

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